Annual reports

The Australian Network on Disability’s annual reports explain how we have worked with and support Australian organisations to build their confidence to welcome employees, customers and stakeholders with disability.


Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022

The Australian Network on Disability’s (AND) Annual Report 2022 provides valuable insights into the tactics, activities and experiences of Australia’s strongest business disability network.

This year our Annual Report brings to life the meaning of our work for members, for mentees, and mentors, for interns and their supervisors, and our community.


“This perfectly summarises the exceptional year of growth we’ve had within our network and internally. Through the new products and services we’ve introduced and our network’s commitment hitting new heights, this report showcases the impact we’re making to create a disability confident Australia.”

Corene Strauss, CEO of Australian Network on Disability


Download the reports in Word or PDF formats:


Past Annual Reports and Financial Statements



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Our auditors

Sincere thanks to Scott Tobutt and the team at PKF for providing pro bono auditing services to the Australian Network on Disability.


“PKF are proud to be able to support the Australian Network on Disability through performing our audit services on a pro bono basis. As an organisation, the Australian Network on Disability provides an invaluable service in promoting and supporting businesses that encourage employment of people with disability, and for us to be able to support them and thank them for their community efforts is a privilege to our team.”

Scott Tobutt, Audit Partner, PKF Sydney