New year brings new opportunity to celebrate diversity and inclusion

We have created this guide of key global and national campaigns and awareness days to support you plan for recognising and celebrating diversity and inclusion in 2023.

The growing number of campaigns and awareness days can be overwhelming. We have provided the broadest and most encompassing days that support the inclusion of people with disability at work. This guide also includes days recognising and supporting the importance of intersectionality (the crossover that a person may experience identifying with more than one marginalised community).

Campaigns and awareness days relating to the inclusion of people with disability are used by many organisations to inspire understanding and engagement in the workplace. By linking back to your organisation’s wider goals and values, awareness days can help you promote a culture of inclusion and demonstrate your commitment to a workplace that is accessible, safe and supports everyone to reach their full potential.

Campaigns and awareness days can mean something different to each person. For some, it has the power to build a sense of connection and belonging, to others it can mean educating and increasing understanding, or creating awareness and visibility around the fight for equality, representation, and rights.



  • Monday, 20 February 2023: World Day of Social Justice


  • Wednesday, 1 March 2023: Zero Discrimination Day
  • Wednesday, 8 March 2023 : International Women’s Day (IWD)


  • Friday, 28 April 2023: World Day for Safety & Health at Work


  • Thursday, 18 May 2023: Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)


  • Thursday, 1 June 2023: Pride Month
  • Tuesday 6, June 2023: Australian Network on Disability 2023 Conference
  • Monday 12, June 2023: Men’s health week


  • Sunday, 2 July 2023: NAIDOC Week
  • Friday, 14 July 2023: International Non-Binary People’s Day


  • Thursday, 14 September 2023: RUOK Day


  • Tuesday, 10 October 2023: World Mental Health Day


  • Sunday, 3 December 2023: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Sunday, 10 December 2023: Human Rights Day


We would like to recognise that there are so many more amazing campaigns and awareness days, especially those recognising individual disabilities.